How to choose high-quality metal decorative board

There are many kinds of metal decorative plates, such as pressure plate, zinc plate, China aluminum zinc steel coil, aluminum alloy plate, aluminum magnesium composite plate, copper plate, stainless steel plate, color stainless steel plate, etc. There is a variety of shapes of the board, some composite board insulation composite between two layers of metal plate, also some for the single board. After all, how should choose and buy metal adornment board? Follow the small series to see it together.
First, according to the process classification
1. Electroplating
Electroplating: the process of attaching a metal film to the surface of metal or other materials by electrolysis. It can prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity and improve aesthetics.
2. Water plating
In aqueous solution does not rely on the external power supply, rely on the reducing agent in the plating solution for chemical reduction reaction, so that metal ions continue to reduce on the autocatalytic surface, forming a metal coating process.
3. Fluorocarbon paint
Refers to the coating with fluorine resin as the main film-forming material; Also known as fluorocarbon paint, fluorine paint, fluorine resin paint.
4. Spray paint
Spray the paint with compressed air into a mist coating on the stainless steel plate to form different colors.
Second, the purchase of high-quality metal decorative board
1. First, distinguish the material of the metal plate
At present, the common materials of the color stainless steel plate in the market are 201, 304, 31 and other 6 types of stainless steel coloring and processing, among which the corrosion resistance of the material is 316, the poor material is 201, and their prices are also different, so many businesses with less than 201 material to replace 304, 316. Or the use of water plating coloring process instead of vacuum ion plating coloring process of color stainless steel plate sales to customers, so that many building decoration projects to install color stainless steel titanium plate, mirror plate and other surface color fade, rust or even fracture. So in the purchase inspection process to be strict whether the material of the plate is good material, and stainless steel is different material can be used to detect the solution.
2. The surface color coloring process
Also stainless steel coloring process is also one of the important factors that decide the price, soaking water coloring process due to the use of chemical plating liquid and has compared with the vacuum plating the color shading technology, which is the difference between the vacuum plating coating film layer and the adhesion strength of the workpiece surface is bigger, membrane layer's hardness is higher, better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the performance of the film is more stable, such as colored stainless steel, titanium plate, titanium plate of gold plated surface water feeling giving a person is the spray go up; Vacuum plating film will not produce toxic or contaminated substances. Water plating will produce wastewater pollution, compared with vacuum ion plating, color is not so pure, will appear the phenomenon of the shell, but the price is much cheaper than vacuum plating.
Because of both metal decorative sheet or coloring process is generally difficult to distinguish from the naked eye, need to have rich experience to distinguish the quality of personnel, so when choosing to purchase metal decorative decoration materials must find, reputable factory to buy, do not delay for showed decoration engineering.
3. Look at the metal surface
Because the metal decorative plate is mainly used for building decoration and decoration engineering, the ornamental value of its surface is particularly important. So in the inspection, the need to carefully examine and observe the surface, whether there is between the plate color difference, uniform coloring, good color, scratches, sand holes, peeling watermarks, and other defects. Especially like titanium plate, the surface is mirror effect, if the quality is good, the surface should be no grinding head flowers and horseshoe marks, and the brightness is higher, of course, the price will be relatively high.
4. Film quality
Metal decorative plate products should be affixed with a layer of protective film on the surface after processing, this layer of film can ensure the surface smoothness will not be polluted, or to protect the hard object scratch. But if it is a poor quality of protective film placed for a long time, it will appear powder, it is difficult to tear or tear a lot of glue stuck on the surface of stainless steel, causing the metal surface is not only difficult to remove. Customers in the inspection are, can tear off a larger area to see the quality of the film; In addition, after the installation of decoration project, the film should be torn off as soon as possible, especially the outdoor decoration project. After installation, the film should be torn off immediately.