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Granules fertilizer packaging machine
1.Product description of the Granules fertilizer packaging machine:
The Granules fertilizer packaging machine used for big bag packaging materials weighing packing equipment, it is the collection of electronic weighing, automatic take off bag, and dust removal in one of the use of many packaging machine. It's a high degree of automation, high precision in packaging , packaging speed can be adjusted.
Granules fertilizer packaging machine Powder feeding way of such equipment as the spiral feeding, fast, slow and feeding by controller, the feeding speed can be arbitrary to mobilize. Inside the closed circulation system, effectively prevent the dust float in the sky, improve the working environment.
3. Patent product of the Granules fertilizer packaging machine:
Pressure of air source: 0.5 to 0.6MPa
Power: 5 kilowatts
Environmental temperature: 0℃ to 40℃
Packing speed: maximum 40-60 bags/hour
Packing accuracy: 1000 kg/bag±1kg
Power supply: three-phase and five-wire; 380V±5%
3. Features of the Granules fertilizer packaging machine:
The adaptive software, having the function of over-weight warning and auto-diagnosis.
Working stable, can display the total weight, number of package.
New controller with high precision, easy operation.
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